Rough Studios was founded in 2013 in Rotterdam. The brand grew from the wish to design luxurious easy-to-wear silhouettes that add a touch of rock ‘n’ roll into women’s wardrobes. The collections have a unique blend of rough sophistication and carefree class. Each item has an eclectic spirit of effortlessness – inspired by the stylish women all over the world. The Rough Studios woman is a traveller, looking at the world through sparkly eyes. She loves to spend her day barefooted in faraway places. She’s a free spirit, open-minded and relaxed, with an air of mystery – a truly international girl. Rough Studios also has its own collection of luxurious yet easy to wear bags.Each bag is unique, woven by hand and made of the same fine silk ikat as our pillows. All materials are carefully selected by our weavers, who invest their talent, finesse and patience into the complex production process to bring the luxury silk bags into the hands or onto the shoulders of the women worldwide. No pattern, no color, no silk is the same – which makes every bag a true one-off!